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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Development Plan Maharashtra Map

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Development Plan: Are you searching for the information about Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and what are its developments then read this article which is specifically written to give you an idea about the Aurangabad municipal corporation’s plans to develop Aurangabad and its fringe areas? Then follow this article to know how the municipal corporation of Aurangabad is created the Development Plan.

About Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Aurangabad is a historical city of Maharashtra state in India and is named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The city is a popular destination for tourists and reason of its popularity is historical monuments like Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves which are declared World heritage sites by “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)”. Also, Bibi Ka Maqbara and Panchakki are other places to visit. Aurangabad is famously known as “The City of Gates”.

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Development Plan

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New Aurangabad City

New Aurangabad is a planned city and its development program was started by the former Maharashtra assembly member RafiqZakaria who was made the Minister for Urban Development back in 1962. Later the project was inaugurated by the Late Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi by signing the development plan. At the inaugural ceremony, she said that “The plans look very good on paper, let us see how it is implemented”. The responsibility for developing new Aurangabad was given to “City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO)”.

CIDCO started its development plans in the 1970s and due to its relentless efforts, Aurangabad is developed into a modern city. Mrs. Gandhi once visited the project after the implementation was started and also planted a tree at New Aurangabad to make this visit memorable. After that, the tree was nurtured and maintained by CIDCO as a precious treasure. New Aurangabad is the second most successful project to be undertaken by CIDCO after Navi Mumbai.

About CIDCO, Aurangabad

The CIDCO which is a full form of "City and Industrial Development Corporation" in Aurangabad, is an organization which was created by the Government of Maharashtra on 17th March 1970 for the city planning under the Indian Companies Act of 1956. The corporation is controlled by a board of directors appointed by the State Government. The sole purpose of its creation was to develop a satellite town in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The main objectives of the project are to ease traffic congestion in the city, provide open spaces and playing fields for fun activities of the citizens, housing and industrial sites outside the city in order to protect the main city from industrial problems.

As mentioned above that, Aurangabad CIDCO was given all the responsibility to develop the town and also the duty of recovering back the cost of development from the sale of land and constructed houses, commercial plazas, etc. As you know Mumbai is the largest city of India also a financial center so, in order to tackle the problems associated with a large population this project was constructed. In order to attract citizens and immigrants from other states, CIDCO plans to provide better facilities by elevating the standards of living for all people whether they are from lower or higher class, creating industrial zones, and above all these services with peace and comfort.

Aurangabad Planning and Development of New Town

New Aurangabad is divided into 15 localities named as Neighborhood-One (N-1), Neighborhood-Two (N-12) upto (N-15). The project was handed over to Aurangabad Mahanagarpalika After its completion.. In order to complete the idea of rapid industrialization growth a new industrial area was planned near Chikkalthana village named as “Chikalthana Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC)”.

Town Center Connaught is the main district area of the city and it is also a commercial area because there are the major offices of the banks and public sector companies are located here. There are several offices of Central and State Government are also located in Town Center Connaught. The surrounding area of the Town Center has shopping malls and multiplexes like Fame Adlabs, PVR Cinemas, and Satyam Cinemas.

In order to promote tourism major companies like ITC Welcome Group, The Ambassador Ajanta, and The Tata Group Taj Residency have their lavish properties here.

From the education point of view, a couple of trusts like Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College and The Maulana Azad Education Trust have campuses here providing quality education in the fields of Engineering and Medicine.

Some of the stats about the development of New Aurangabad by CIDCO are given below in the table:
New Aurangabad, CIDCO
Appointment of CIDCO as S.P.A.
30th December 1972
Total notified area (Hectares)
Area developed till date (Hectares)
Area yet to be developed (Hectares)

Waluj Aurangabad

After the development of New Aurangabad, a new project has been under construction at Waluj in Aurangabad. It is an industrial combined with residential township project and the responsibility for its development was also given to CIDCO. It is located 12 km southwest of Aurangabad city and the new town is named as Waluj Mahanagar.

The new project is to be constructed on a vast area and it is approximately eight times the size of New Aurangabad. CIDCO planned to use the ring route around the industrial area for urban activities and this ring route will also facilitate an easy and economic transportation within the new city. In order to connect residential areas with workplaces, inter-linked Nagars spread all around the core.

The stats about the development plan of Waluj Mahanagar, Aurangabad are shown in the following table:

WalujMahanagar, Aurangabad
Appointment of CIDCO as S.P.A.
7th October 1991
Total notified area (Hectares)
Area in Phase I (Hectares)
Area developed till date (Hectares)
Area yet to be developed (Hectares)

Aurangabad Fringe Area

Aurangabad Mahanagarpalika area is rapidly growing into a major educational, commercial, as well as industrial center of Marathwada. The population of this region is estimated to be about 12 lakhs at present. To match the pace of rapid urbanization in the fringe areas of this city the Government of Maharashtra appointed CIDCO to develop this area on 3rd October 2006. 

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The total area of this project is approximately 16,397 hectares and spread over 28 villages beyond the limits of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation or Mahanagarpalika. As per the regional plan of Aurangabad fringe area used for the development is about 8918 Ha. 54% of this area is fixed for Greens, 21% for the residential project, 19% area is for forests, about 113 Ha of the area is for industrial purposes and rest of the area is for other zones.

Thanks for reading the article and I hope so you get a lot of information about the developments of New Aurangabad and its surroundings.

Karnataka Municipal Corporation Recruitment Election Website 2019

Municipal Corporation: Karnataka:  Are you looking for the information Karnataka Municipal Corporation?  Do you want to know details of Municipal corporation of Karnataka election results, how to apply Mahanagarpalika or Municipal corporation recruitment and jobs in Karnataka, what is the official website of Karnataka state and other details that is useful to the users.        
You can find the details of district in karnataka state, number of municipal corporation in karnataka state, karnataka state municipal corporation election results and notifications of upcoming election held in karnataka state, municipal corporation website, municipal corporation recruitment and jobs notifications in karnataka state.   Read this article to know all about municipal corporation in karnataka state election, recruitment and websites.

Municipal Corporation in Karnataka State

In the ocean of the internet, you might have drowned while searching for the information on the Municipal Corporation of Karnataka. It is by no means your fault, since it is easy to get lost amidst the vast information and various sites as their source. So, in case you’re wondering what the mahanagarpalika or municipal corporation of Karnataka is all about, we have listed out here the precise and forth right information that you’ll need if you are also willing to apply for recruitment.

So are you looking for all this information yet have no clue what so ever as of how to do it. You need not worry, for we are here to compile for you all the required information, clear and precise

Districts of Karnataka

Karnataka is one of the most important states of India in terms of technological, educational and economical advancement of the nation.

Karnataka is divided into 30 districts, which are further divided into 4 administrative divisions, 270 towns and more than 29,000 districts.

A district collector administers the districts and the divisional commissioners administer the divisions.

Here are the divisions and the regions and districts under it –

First Division - Bengaluru/Bangalore
1. Bengaluru Urban

2. Bengaluru Rural

3. Ramanagara

4. Shivamogga

5. Davangere

6. Chitradurga

7. Kolar

8. Tumakuru

9. Chikkaballapura

Second Division - Belagavi
1. Belagavi

2. Vijayapura

3. Haveri

4. Gadag

5. Bagalkot

6. Uttara Kannada

7. Dharwad

Third Division - Mysuru/Mysore
1. Mysuru

2. Haasana

3. Udupi

4. Chamrajanagar

5. Dakshina Kannada'

6. Kodagu

7. Mandya

8. Chikkamagaluru

Fourth Division - Kalaburgi/Gulbarga

1. Ballari

2. Bidar

3. Koppal

4. Yadgir

5. Kalaburgi

6. Raichur

The system is well organized and well administered and it is why we can claim that it is one of the most essential states of our country.

Which is the Official Website of Municipal Corporation Karnataka?
This is probably one of the biggest queries that one usually faces while searching for anything on the spatial internet: which one of it is the official website? There’ll be a lot of sites listed when you’ll go out to search for the information of Karnataka Mahanagarpalika / municipal corporation, Karnataka. Now here we are to the rescue! So for the selection of the main website among many, here are the steps that you should follow –

1. STEP ONE: Open up your frequently used search engine (We prefer Google, always).

2. STEP TWO: Now where are the keywords that you must type:

· Municipal

· Corporation

· Karnataka

3. STEP THREE: A long list will now be scattered in front of you, but this time, to choose is the easiest since the first one is the one. It is ‘’, where you can see ‘admn’ stands for administration and ‘gov’ for government. This is the official website of its municipal corporation. Click on it.

How to Apply for Recruitment 2019-2020 of Municipal Corporation Karnataka?

Politics is a well privileged and a respected occupational choice these days. Politicians have the power and the perks like no other. To apply for Municipal Corporation Karnataka, you have to make use of the very official site of which we discussed earlier. On the homepage, you will find a link for recruitment flashing with a ‘New’ mark on its edge. Click on it if you are interested.

You can select the ‘Online Application’ from the left side of the page and browse. You know more about the careers offered, click on the ‘Career’ from the top vertical list.
What careers are offered?

1. FDA Document Verification Letter for City Corporations ( Except BBMP).

2. FDA Selection List of Municipal Administration ( City Corporations).

3. AE/EE Document Verification Letter.

4. AE (Civil) / EE Selection List for Urban Local Bodie of Municipal Administration.

5. EE(HK) / AE(Civil) Selection List for Urban Local Bodies of Municipal Administration.

6. AE's (Civil) Selection List for Mahanagara Palike of Municipal Administration.

7. AE's (Electrical) Selection List for Mahanagara Palike of Municipal Administration.

8. Recruitment Notification under DAY- NULM Scheme for State Mission Management Unit( SMMU).

a. Notification.

b. Application Form.

9. Recruitment for 07 posts under HFA-2022.

a. Notification.

b. Application

10. Applications Invited for the Positions in State Mission Management Unit (SMMU) Under AMRUT.

a. Notification.

b. Annexure-1.

c. Application Format.

11. Invitation of Application for Appointment on CONTRACT Basis under Housing for All Scheme.

Application format for Appointment on CONTRACT Basis under Housing for All Scheme.

12. Invitation of Application for Appointment on CONTRACT Basis for Swachh Bharat Mission Directorate.

Application format for Appointment on CONTRACT Basis for Swachh Bharat Mission Directorate.

13. Request for Proposal for selection of Project Management Consultants (PMC).

14. Recruitment 2017-2018 Notification for posts under NULM & RAY on Contract basis.

- Download Application format.

15. Nomination formats for Government Employees:-

a. Circular.

b. Family Benefit Fund.

c. Assets & liabilities.

d. APR.

e. CR.

16. KPSC Notification for the filling the Post of Environmental Engineers and Junior Engineers.

17. KCSR Computer Literacy Test.

18. Administrators To ULB's.

So we hope you got your desired information. For other states do explore our site furthermore. We are keen to be of your help.

Karnataka State Municipal Corporation Election Updates 2019

If you want to get election information about karnataka state for mahanagarpalika or municipal corporation, then you may visit the official website portals of the district or city or town where municipal corporation is held.   You can also search the election latest news and updates for Karnataka state from the internet and the news websites where latest and upcoming election news is available.  But the official source to find election notification and other necessary information such as voter list, election notifications, election schedules, election ward wise list of karnataka state, election held in karnataka state, winning candidate list in previous election, nominated candidates and other information which belongs to the election held in 2017 year..

So this is all about Karnataka state mahanagarpalika or municipal corporation website, Karnataka state municipal corporation recruitment and latest jobs opening in karnataka state, the official website of karnataka state.

Gujarat Municipal Corporation Website Election Recruitment 2019

Gujarat Municipal Corporation:  Are you looking for the information about recruitment, election, jobs in Gujarat Municipal Corporation?   Want to know when is the election held in Gujarat Municipal Corporation or Mahanagarpalika, how to apply Gujarat Municipal Corporation recruitment and latest opening jobs and which are the official websites of Gujarat Municipal Corporation, then in this article, we have mentioned all the information about Gujarat Municipal Corporation recruitment, jobs, election results, and list of websites of municipal corporation in Gujarat state.

Read this article which gives information about Gujarat Mahanagarpalika / Municipal Corporation, Gujarat Municipal Corporation Website, Gujarat Municipal Corporation election and Gujarat Municipal Corporation recruitment held in 2017-2018.

About Municipal Corporation, Gujarat

Whenever we hear the word Gujarat, our eyebrows are raised with nothing but admiration and remembrance and reverence towards it. The State has grown so steadily in the past few years, thanks to the contribution our respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi made during his stint at Gujarat. Gujarat is one of the most politically, economically and culturally active states in the country. The municipal corporation’s administration is meticulous and arguably one of the most non-corrupt political system in this nation.

There are in total 33 districts in the state Gujarat and 249 subdivisions of the districts known as, there, Talukas.

In this article we’ll help you out with the information you’ve been searching for and how to be recruited in the municipal corporation of Gujarat by submitting your application online.
List of districts in Gujarat

Here is the list of major districts in the State of India, Gujarat that hold a municipal corporation or Mahanagarpalika –

1. Ahmedabad
2. Rajkot
3. Surat
4. Vadodara
5. Jamnagar
6. Bhavnagar
7. Junagadh
8. Gandhi Nagar

So, these 8 districts are the major most districts of Gujarat for the municipal corporation.
What is the official website of Municipal Corporation, Gujarat?

Gujarat Municipal Corporation Mahanagarpalika Website

Are you looking for the term "Gujarat Municipal Corporation Website ", then There is no official website of it. Surprise! April fool’s long gone but this statement was not a joke but a paradox. There is no single official website but many; one for every district. So now we’ll tell you how to find them. You will find a number of results quite enough to baffle you and throw your desktop upside down.









These are the official sites and when you find them, click on these and these merely. There will be other sites as a source of information like ours yet the most convenient place to start is the official one, if you find them of course. That’s our job.

What features can be accessed by the Gujarat Municipal Corporation Website?

All the sites might be different, however the features are all the same to access perhaps what we can say, different localities’ municipal corporation. These are the heading s of the common features offered by these sites.
  • Departments : For recruitment, the question first arises it,” Where to be recruited? The departments are for Health, Engineering, Street Lights, Electricity, Accounts, Waterworks, IT and many more. You can get further information from the sites.
  • City: This section will give you the information about the city where you will work and dwell in. If not for job, and just lodging, you can get to know the city from a more inside view and know the political activities of municipal corporation in the locality.
  • Services: This section will give the idea of the services provided to the citizens and employers in the city by Municipal Corporation and the Government of India.
  • E-Services: These are the services provided by the municipality too, but in a more advanced way. These services are like bills and taxes which can be processed online.

Gujarat Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019

Are you looking for upcoming jobs and recruitment take place in Gujarat Municipal Corporation, then here we have provided some basic information about Gujarat Municipal Corporation recruitment and jobs which can be helpful to those who are going to apply in 2017-2018 jobs openings.  All the official websites have Recruitment Menu section where the latest jobs and openings information can be search.   The interested candidates must have to check the eligibility, requirement, criteria and minimum qualification details for job application.

Recruitment : Each and every site mentioned above opens up the possibility for the web-surfer and job seekers to betray unemployment and work in a government job. We all know what perks and security a government job can offer. Hence, it is obvious that a hell lot of applications will be received. So, to ease that job and process, it is now very much possible to apply for the posts online. Every one of these websites has got it, so if you are interested then you are free to submit too, if obviously, you want the job.

Is it secure?

Yes, all these sites are run by the government authorities and are an hundred percent secure. Feel comfy to surf these sites and find the essential information that you seek. The money transactions are connected to the official ated banks of India and if you are a licensed user of it, you won’t get in trouble, that we can assure. Good luck.

Gujarat Municipal Corporation Election 

Are you looking for the information about Gujarat Municipal Corporation held in Gujarat state for the municipal corporation to elect the local body government, then all such information about Gujarat Municipal Corporation election, voter list, candidate list, upcoming and previous election notifications, election dates and schedule is available on the official portal of Gujarat Municipal Corporation.   You can visit to your city corporation official website to know about election results, who is the civic in your ward.   Those websites also provide ward wise candidate name who have won in last election held in Gujarat Municipal Corporation.

So this is all about Gujarat Municipal Corporation we have given the details about Gujarat Municipal Corporation Website, Gujarat Municipal Corporation recruitment jobs and Gujarat Municipal Corporation election and how you can find the information on the official websites.

Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019 अहमदनगर महानगरपालिका

Are you searching for all the latest updates about अहमदनगर महानगरपालिका Ahmednagar municipal corporation and eager to know about this corporation then you are at the right spot because this article is specifically written to tell you what information is available on corporation’s official website, what is the purpose of this corporation, what are its functions and duties, information about recruitment, etc.  Read this article to know more about AMC - Ahmednagar Mahanagar Palika Corporation.

About Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation

First of all, starting with a brief description about Ahmednagar municipal corporation. Ahmednagar is a valuable asset of India as it is one of the greenest urban areas in India with such a rich history, an innovative present with the talent it possesses and a promising future to come. This city is governed by Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation also known as Ahmednagar Mahanagarpalika carrying its duties and serving citizens since 2003.

To provide better services to its citizens अहमदनगर महानगरपालिका Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation stepped forward and taken an initiative to start e-Governance. In this modern era, every person is in favor of good usage of modern technologies and Information Technology is finding its application in every field of work. To provide better services to its citizens the Government of India started a plan called National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). The purpose of this plan is to make all Government services available to the citizens of India via electronic media so, they can easily approach Government representatives.

Function and Duties of Ahmednagar Corporation अहमदनगर महानगरपालिका

Ahmednagar is one of the Municipal corporation in Maharashtra state.   There are total 28 Municipal corporation in Maharashtra. Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation is working under the ministry of Urban Development Department, State Government, the Ministry, Mumbai. The main responsibilities of this corporation are to provide basic facilities like health, roads, water supply, education, electricity, maintaining the environment, etc. to its citizens.

To improve the health condition the corporation is working on sewer cleaning and sanitation.
Water is one of the essential ingredients for the mankind to live. So, it is included in the duties to provide clean and pure water.

To facilitate better transportation corporation is working on to build better kind of roads. As better roads reduce road accidents and help people to reach their homes and offices safe and sound.

It is the duty of the corporation to provide better education facilities to its citizens without any discrimination of cast and creed.

It is included in the duties to provide a continuous supply of electricity because it is very important for the industrial and office work also almost every household appliance needs electricity.

To develop a good atmosphere around the city maintenance of environment is an option to work on and for this purpose construction of new parks and playgrounds, organizing sports activities, etc. are included in the duties of concerned authorities.

Where To Find Official Information about Ahmednagar District

To collect the information about Ahmednagar Municipal corporation, Zilla Parishad, Ahmednagar Panchayat Samiti and local body government such as Sarpanch, Gram Sevak nivadnuk related updates can be find on the official portals of Ahmednagar government.   To go officials, visit the website provided by Ahmednagar Mahanagar Palika, visit where the following information and details can be collect.

Recruitment & Jobs in अहमदनगर महानगरपालिका Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation

Are you residing in Ahmednagar and an unemployed person looking to land a job in order to support your family and earn a good living then, what are your thoughts of getting a job in a local municipal corporation.This a great opportunity to be employed as a Government employee and to serve the locals. There are multiple positions available on the official website and to get a job you have to search regularly on the corporation’s official website, newspapers, and other jobs opening websites because many people are simultaneously applying for the particular job and the competition is quite tough. So, be alert and carefully examine the eligibility criteria.

The latest recruitment is possible in Ahmednagar Municipal corporation according to the need of the posts which are not filled yet in the government.   You have to search those vacancies which are open and according to your eligibility and educational qualification, you have to apply for the upcoming and latest openings in Ahmednagar municipal corporation jobs.

We'll also update the articles regarding recruitment process in Ahmednagar district in various fields for the year 2017-2018.   You can collect the latest recruitment information from local news paper or find online job portals where you can submit the resume and biodata for a particular jobs which is suitable for your education.

Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation Election Updates

If you are searching about Ahmednagar Mahanagar palika Corporation election updates, then to get the latest updates on Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation election which had take placed last time and upcoming election is also held after the five year completion of the last ruling party.

We'll try to provide all the information about Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation election, Ahmednagar Zilla Parishad election, Ahmednagar panchayat samiti election, Ahmednagar nivadnuk for local body government in Ahmednagar district.   All the election related informations of Ahmednagar municipal corp, Zilla parishad - ZP elections, sarpanch election, and also vidhan sabha election, lok sabha election also held ahead after completion of five year.

Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation Website @

All such information are also available on the official website of Ahmednagar Mahanagar Palika -, is the official website portal that provides latest election news, recruitment jobs process and all other details.

If you want to know the information about voter list, ward wise candidates who have won in last elections, political parties which participated in the election, vote counting results of Ahmednagar Zilla parishad, panchayat samiti and sarpanch elections are also held in Ahmednagar district taluka.

So, this is is all about we have written on Ahmednagar Mahanagar Palika, Ahmednagar Panchayat Samiti, Zilla parishad from Ahmednagar district. We are also trying to provide upcoming recruitment, jobs, vacancies open in Ahmednagar district along with other useful information on elections, voter list, vote counting, candidate lists, last winner candidates in various elections, visit the website of AMC - Ahmednagar Mahanagar Palika.

Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Nagaratchi Official Website

Searching for the information about tamil nadu municipal corporation birth certificate, death certificate, TN municipal corporation recruitment, Tamil Nadu municipal corp election news and final results and do you want to know what are the information you can find on the official website of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation and what other information you can find on the official website.   In Tamil Nadu, municipal corporation is known as or call as in local Telugu language as Nagaratchi.  In this article, we are talking about what are the information available on the official websites of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Website.

Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation

Tamil Nadu is one of the southeast state of India having capital metropolitan city Chennai old name Madrass.   As per the information available on Wikipedia, we have found that there are total 12 municipal corporation are placed in the state of Tamil Nadu.  

All those 12 municipal corporation are working independent for their city arrangement to provide facilities to the citizens.  Being as local body, those municipal corporation have responsibilities to make progress in their city area and thus ward wise citizen elect their favorite civic or corporators through the general elections of municipal corporation.

Corporation in Tamil Meaning

The local known name of Municipal corporation is "Nagaratchi" in Tamil Nadu.   We have created this article with the title of "Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Website" but we do not know what exactly information you are looking for?

The official websites of the Tamil Nadu Nagaratchi provides all the necessary details of local citizens and also gives the agenda of the municipal corporation projects and schemes.  

One can also find the information about Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate, Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Death Certificate, all the information and total 12 list of municipalities in tamilnadu, for example on the website of Chennai Municipal corporation you can find the details all about chennai corporation including tamil nadu corporation birth certificate, list of 12 city corporations in tamilnadu, tamil nadu corporation mayor list, tamil nadu municipal corporation birth certificate.

If you have visited this article by searching the keyword of "how many corporation in tamilnadu 2017", then you have found our article at the top results pages of the search engines.

List of 12 City Corporations in TamilNadu

Below, we have provides a list of 12 city corporations in tamilnadu

As already stated that there are total twelve corporations in Tamil Nadu, we have provided a list of all municipal corporation below.
  1. Chennai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  2. Coimbatore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  3. Madurai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  4. Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  5. Tiruppur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  6. Salem Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  7. Erode Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  8. Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  9. Vellore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  10. Thoothukudi Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  11. Thanjavur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  12. Dindigul Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi

If you are looking for the official websites of city corporation, then you have to google or use search engine to find the actual city municipal corporation official website.    Each and every municipal corporations in Tamilnadu have their official website where the city corporation provides all the data about work and programs offer by the city corporations.  Every corporation can have different agenda and type of work which can also change time to time.

Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Election Final Results

Are you looking for local election results held by the municipal corporation in Tamil nadu?  Every municipal corporation in India have authority to conduct individual election to elect the ward wise civic as so call the local body government, they get the ruling party government in the municipal corporation who stay for the five years.   After every five years there is new election take place and citizens votes to the candidates who are nominated by the parties.

All such info of the election is also get on the websites of city corporation.   The time and notification schedule of election may be differ of every municipal corporation.   If last election had placed in 2012 then new election will be held in 2017 year in or before the month of ending of the ruling party.   The election commission of state conduct the local body election and such notifications are also posted on the official websites.

All the election related information of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation is also available on the individual Websites of city corporation where citizens can find basics info of voter list, list of candidates who are nominated for the election in your ward, winning candidate list of previous election, ward wise voter list, ward wise election final results and all the other useful information also posted on the official website during election.

To find previous election which had take place in your city corporation can be search using following keywords.  Just type your city municipal corporation name and search to find which party had won how many candidates / seats.

  1. Chennai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  2. Coimbatore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  3. Madurai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  4. Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  5. Tiruppur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  6. Salem Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  7. Erode Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  8. Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  9. Vellore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  10. Thoothukudi Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  11. Thanjavur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  12. Dindigul Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results

For all the previous and upcoming elections, by elections in city corporation you have to visit official websites of those and download the pdf format details uploaded on those sites.

Information About Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2017-2018

Do you want to apply upcoming recruitment 2017 jobs 2018 which are opening in your city municipal corporation?  

Are you graduated unemployed and looking for good jobs posts recruitments then municipal corporation is a nice place to work at your area as a local government employee.   

All the details regarding Municipal corporation recruitment jobs can also be on the individual websites of your city corporation.    You also have to check employment exchange websites, local news papers, jobs opening website and have to follow regularly those website to find latest jobs opening.    

As there is very tough competition for those jobs, so as you have be alert while applying those jobs and should check the eligibility, number of posts, posts to apply, educational qualifications, and other criteria.

So this is all about we have provided some details that anybody can look on the "Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Website".   If you have a problem or want to know any other information then comment below and we'll try to solve your questions.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019

Looking for new recruitment process in Municipal Corporation of West Bengal to find the best post job for unemployed graduates?   The west bengal municipal corporation recruitment can be held by individual municipal corporation in west bengal.   There are total 13 municipal corporation in state West Bengal.   In this article we have given information about how to apply recruitment process of west bengal Pouro Nigom (in West Bengal municipal corporation is called as Pouro Nigom).   Read the article to know about the West Bengal Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2017-2018.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation

We know that Municipal corporation is an autonomous body or local body government ruling in the city or town area having minimum one million population.   As per this, there are total 13 municipal corporation on pouro nigom are present in the state west bengal.    West Bengal Municipal corporation is a local body working in following given list of the city of the state.

Primary, the functions of the municipal corporation is to provide regular supply of Water purification, Sewage treatment and disposal, Garbage disposal and street cleanliness, Solid waste management
Building and maintenance of roads, streets and flyovers, to provide Street lighting, to Maintain the parks and open spaces, Cemeteries and Crematoriums, Registering of births and deaths, Conservation of heritage sites, Disease control, including immunisation, Public municipal schools etc.

West Bengal Pouro Nigom (Municipal Corp in West Bengal)

We have listed below the 13 names of the municipal corporation or known as pouro nigom in the state west bengal.

  1. Kolkata Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  2. Maheshtala Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  3. Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  4. Dum Dum Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  5. Barrackpore Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  6. Barasat Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  7. Howrah Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  8. Serampore Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  9. Chandannagar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  10. Asansol Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  11. Durgapur Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  12. English Bazar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  13. Siliguri Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom

Each and every listed names above are the individual conduct body which have different type of working efficiencies, pattern according to need and facilities are made by the ruling party government which take place after the election.   The election held every five years to the municipal corporation in India and thus every pouro nigom of west bengal also need to conduct separate election to elect the civic or local servants or corporators to serve the city needs through the corporation.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Official Website

Every municipal corporation have their official website owned website or online portal which provides all the working schedules and programs which are arrange by the municipal corporation individually.

All the basic information from the local city is also posted on the official website which mainly includes voter list, name of the corporators, last election final results, upcoming election or by election notifications and results also posted on the official website. 

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Election Results

Do you want to know the information about West Bengal Municipal Corporation previous election final results or are you looking for upcoming election notification which are scheduled in Pashchim Bengal state, then we should say that each and every updates about the municipal corporation election is provided on the official website of the individual.  

You need to visit the official portal of your municipal corporation then go to the election menu where you can find the latest and previous election notifications and final results of the last elections also posted in this section.   Where you can read the informations such as voter list, candidates name, election notification, all the necessary details about elections from start to end notification, election schedules, dates of application, candidates name, nomination of the candidates, party wise candidates names along with the information about ward wise voter list. 

To find the ward wise winning candidate list on the official website portal of pouro nigom, you have to type following keywords in search engine so that you can get the website address of your city municipal corporation.

  1. Kolkata Municipal Corporation Election Final Results
  2. Maheshtala Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  3. Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  4. Dum Dum Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  5. Barrackpore Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  6. Barasat Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  7. Howrah Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  8. Serampore Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  9. Chandannagar Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  10. Asansol Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  11. Durgapur Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  12. English Bazar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  13. Siliguri Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results

The official website also post the ward wise election final results after the elections of individual municipal corporations.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Upcoming Recruitment

I hope you have visited this article while searching the titled keyword of this post which is "West Bengal Municipal Corporation Recruitment"   Are you looking for the upcoming jobs and recruitment process in west bengal municipal corporation?   Are you a graduate but hunting a job in you area?  Then municipal corporation can be a good place for you to make a good career as being a local you may get a good chance in the local recruitment jobs.   You have to find those opportunities of the jobs which open regularly on needs.   All the related information of municipal corporation recruitment is also posted on the official website portal of the individual pouro nigom.

How to know when is the recruitment process is scheduled in your state west bengal?   Well, you have to read the employment news papers or have to hunt the jobs sites or local news papers or find/visit employment exchange of your city where all the relevant details are available along with local jobs and recruitment which are open for various posts.

As soon as you know about the upcoming recruitment jobs, you need to check whether are you eligible for that job?   Also you have to check the necessary details such as recruitment dates, read the recruitment process notification carefully to know all the basics of the recruitment process where you can find the actual process of the recruitment which may includes written exams, interview, ability tests etc.

To check the upcoming recruitment, jobs, vacancies, contract basis jobs, part time jobs, full time private jobs and any type jobs roles in municipal corporation of west bengal you may search the upcoming jobs and recruitments in west bengal.

  • Kolkata Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Maheshtala Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Dum Dum Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Barrackpore Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Barasat Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Howrah Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Serampore Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Chandannagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Asansol Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Durgapur Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • English Bazar Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Siliguri Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
So this is all about the basic details we have provided to know about how you can find the upcoming jobs and recruitment in your state west bengal.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website

Are you looking for Uttar Pradesh Municipal corporation or Nagar Nigam Recruitment or election results related information?   Here at Municipal Corporation website, we are providing info about Uttar pradesh nagar nigam, municipal corporation, up divisions, districts in uttar pradesh, panchayats in up, total blocks in uttar pradesh and details of total city nagar nigam in uttar pradesh.  Read this article to know about official website of uttar pradesh nagar nigam or municipal corporation recruitment and election updates.

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Nagar Nigam

Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest state in country India, however there are only 14 municipal corporation from 75 districts.   Rather than Municipal corporation or Nagar Nigam there are Panchayats in Uttar Pradesh.  

There are total 18 divisions, 75 Districts, 52021 Panchayats, 14 municipal Corporation or Nagar Nigam, 107452 Villages, 822 Blocks in state Uttar Pradesh.

If you want to know more about Municipal corporation and its functions then you should refer the wikipedia page which provides the full information about municipal corporation nagar nigam and what is municipal corporation and how it work as local body.    You can also type keywords in search engines to find full information about municipal corporation.

Type following keywords in Google to know about this article which is titled as "Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website".

Municipal Corporation
Mahanagar Palika
Nagar Nigam
Local Body
City Corporation

While check Wikipedia, I got the information that Municipal Corporation are known as different name in different states.  There are different name as because of regional language variations.

We have listed below the different name of Municipal corporation.

Different name of Municipal Corporation in Different States

Municipal Corporation - English
Nagar Nigam - (in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Haryana)
Mahanagarpalika (in Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra)
Pouro Nigom (in West Bengal)
Pur Porishod (in Tripura)
Nagar Palika Nigam (in Madhya Pradesh)
Nagara Palaka Sanstha (in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana)
Nagaratchi (in Tamil Nadu)

I do not know what information you are looking for as you have landed to this page which is titled as Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website.

We are trying to provide information about what details Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam official website can provide to the citizens.

Nagar Nigam in Uttar Pradesh

There are total 14 Nagar Nigam in Uttar Pradesh.   We have listed below the name of Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam or Municipal corporation.

  1. Kanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  2. Lucknow Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  3. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  4. Agra Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  5. Varanasi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  6. Meerut Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  7. Allahabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  8. Bareilly Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  9. Aligarh Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  10. Moradabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  11. Saharanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  12. Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  13. Firozabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  14. Jhansi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
Each and every nagar nigam of uttar pradesh is a local body of the said city.   Every municipal corporation works individually and have different parties or few have same party governments.  Every five years there are election held by every municipal corporation through public voting to elect ward wise candidates as civic.   

All the information regarding uttar pradesh nagar nigam chunav schedule and election dates publish on the official website.

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website

The official website of Uttar pradesh municipal corporation stat that individual work and plans of the said city corporation.  All the structure of works and information of voters, voter list, last election information details such as ward wise candidates name, winner candidates, and final election results information can be available on the official website.   The official website also provides information of the current ruling party candidates, local body government, work agenda, mayor information, ward wise candidates who are elected as corporators.    You can also find information about upcoming recruitment 2017-2018 in municipal corporation websites.   

Uttar Pradesh (Nagar Nigam Chunav) Election 2017

The nagar nigam chunav or election is held in 2017 year in Uttar pradesh.   The last election of Uttar pradesh municipal corporation, nagar parishad, nagar palika, nagar nigam was held in 2012 and thus after completion of five years, this year in 2017 election is held in June month 2017.    

The Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website can provide all the election related information in time.   

The local body can upload all the necessary information such as voter list, voting center, municipal corporation vote counting, election final results, nagar nigam chunav candidate list, last election winner candidates, name of the participant parties, name of the nomination candidates and election time table i.e. all the dates of the election is schedule from which date to which and final results will be also available on the official website individually.

The election can be take place to the Nagar nigam of uttar pradesh.  There are 14 municipal corporation we found as per information available on Wikipedia.   

If you are knowing total number of municipal corporation in uttar pradesh, then we request you to provide the actual information which we will update in our website.

  1. Kanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  2. Lucknow Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)  Election
  3. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  4. Agra Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  5. Varanasi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  6. Meerut Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  7. Allahabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  8. Bareilly Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  9. Aligarh Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  10. Moradabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  11. Saharanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  12. Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  13. Firozabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  14. Jhansi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
All the details about 2017-2018 nagar nigam election can be available on the official websites of the municipal corporation individually.

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2017-2018

Are you looking for job opportunity in nagar nigam of uttar pradesh?   Are you willing to join nagar nigam or municipal corporation as your career for the posts open for the recruitment jobs then you can visit the official website of municipal corporation individually to know the latest and upcoming jobs recruitments which are going to open for various posts.

All the information about Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Recruitment can be available on the official website where you can read details about job posts title, educational qualification, eligibility, exams centers, question papers, how to apply for the given post, salary and application forms related information can be available on the website.

So, this is all about the details which we have described under this article which is titled as "Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website".   This is all about that you can find on the official websites of nagar nigam and basically local people visit the official website only during the recruitment and election time.

If you have any doubt or want to know more information about Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam Election, Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Recruitment, then you can comment below.

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