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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Nagaratchi Official Website

Searching for the information about tamil nadu municipal corporation birth certificate, death certificate, TN municipal corporation recruitment, Tamil Nadu municipal corp election news and final results and do you want to know what are the information you can find on the official website of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation and what other information you can find on the official website.   In Tamil Nadu, municipal corporation is known as or call as in local Telugu language as Nagaratchi.  In this article, we are talking about what are the information available on the official websites of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Website.

Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation

Tamil Nadu is one of the southeast state of India having capital metropolitan city Chennai old name Madrass.   As per the information available on Wikipedia, we have found that there are total 12 municipal corporation are placed in the state of Tamil Nadu.  

All those 12 municipal corporation are working independent for their city arrangement to provide facilities to the citizens.  Being as local body, those municipal corporation have responsibilities to make progress in their city area and thus ward wise citizen elect their favorite civic or corporators through the general elections of municipal corporation.

Corporation in Tamil Meaning

The local known name of Municipal corporation is "Nagaratchi" in Tamil Nadu.   We have created this article with the title of "Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Website" but we do not know what exactly information you are looking for?

The official websites of the Tamil Nadu Nagaratchi provides all the necessary details of local citizens and also gives the agenda of the municipal corporation projects and schemes.  

One can also find the information about Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate, Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Death Certificate, all the information and total 12 list of municipalities in tamilnadu, for example on the website of Chennai Municipal corporation you can find the details all about chennai corporation including tamil nadu corporation birth certificate, list of 12 city corporations in tamilnadu, tamil nadu corporation mayor list, tamil nadu municipal corporation birth certificate.

If you have visited this article by searching the keyword of "how many corporation in tamilnadu 2017", then you have found our article at the top results pages of the search engines.

List of 12 City Corporations in TamilNadu

Below, we have provides a list of 12 city corporations in tamilnadu

As already stated that there are total twelve corporations in Tamil Nadu, we have provided a list of all municipal corporation below.
  1. Chennai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  2. Coimbatore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  3. Madurai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  4. Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  5. Tiruppur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  6. Salem Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  7. Erode Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  8. Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  9. Vellore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  10. Thoothukudi Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  11. Thanjavur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi
  12. Dindigul Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi

If you are looking for the official websites of city corporation, then you have to google or use search engine to find the actual city municipal corporation official website.    Each and every municipal corporations in Tamilnadu have their official website where the city corporation provides all the data about work and programs offer by the city corporations.  Every corporation can have different agenda and type of work which can also change time to time.

Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Election Final Results

Are you looking for local election results held by the municipal corporation in Tamil nadu?  Every municipal corporation in India have authority to conduct individual election to elect the ward wise civic as so call the local body government, they get the ruling party government in the municipal corporation who stay for the five years.   After every five years there is new election take place and citizens votes to the candidates who are nominated by the parties.

All such info of the election is also get on the websites of city corporation.   The time and notification schedule of election may be differ of every municipal corporation.   If last election had placed in 2012 then new election will be held in 2017 year in or before the month of ending of the ruling party.   The election commission of state conduct the local body election and such notifications are also posted on the official websites.

All the election related information of Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation is also available on the individual Websites of city corporation where citizens can find basics info of voter list, list of candidates who are nominated for the election in your ward, winning candidate list of previous election, ward wise voter list, ward wise election final results and all the other useful information also posted on the official website during election.

To find previous election which had take place in your city corporation can be search using following keywords.  Just type your city municipal corporation name and search to find which party had won how many candidates / seats.

  1. Chennai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  2. Coimbatore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  3. Madurai Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  4. Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  5. Tiruppur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  6. Salem Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  7. Erode Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  8. Tirunelveli Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  9. Vellore Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  10. Thoothukudi Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  11. Thanjavur Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results
  12. Dindigul Municipal Corporation / Nagaratchi Election Final Results

For all the previous and upcoming elections, by elections in city corporation you have to visit official websites of those and download the pdf format details uploaded on those sites.

Information About Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2017-2018

Do you want to apply upcoming recruitment 2017 jobs 2018 which are opening in your city municipal corporation?  

Are you graduated unemployed and looking for good jobs posts recruitments then municipal corporation is a nice place to work at your area as a local government employee.   

All the details regarding Municipal corporation recruitment jobs can also be on the individual websites of your city corporation.    You also have to check employment exchange websites, local news papers, jobs opening website and have to follow regularly those website to find latest jobs opening.    

As there is very tough competition for those jobs, so as you have be alert while applying those jobs and should check the eligibility, number of posts, posts to apply, educational qualifications, and other criteria.

So this is all about we have provided some details that anybody can look on the "Tamil Nadu Municipal Corporation Website".   If you have a problem or want to know any other information then comment below and we'll try to solve your questions.


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