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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website

Are you looking for Uttar Pradesh Municipal corporation or Nagar Nigam Recruitment or election results related information?   Here at Municipal Corporation website, we are providing info about Uttar pradesh nagar nigam, municipal corporation, up divisions, districts in uttar pradesh, panchayats in up, total blocks in uttar pradesh and details of total city nagar nigam in uttar pradesh.  Read this article to know about official website of uttar pradesh nagar nigam or municipal corporation recruitment and election updates.

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Nagar Nigam

Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest state in country India, however there are only 14 municipal corporation from 75 districts.   Rather than Municipal corporation or Nagar Nigam there are Panchayats in Uttar Pradesh.  

There are total 18 divisions, 75 Districts, 52021 Panchayats, 14 municipal Corporation or Nagar Nigam, 107452 Villages, 822 Blocks in state Uttar Pradesh.

If you want to know more about Municipal corporation and its functions then you should refer the wikipedia page which provides the full information about municipal corporation nagar nigam and what is municipal corporation and how it work as local body.    You can also type keywords in search engines to find full information about municipal corporation.

Type following keywords in Google to know about this article which is titled as "Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website".

Municipal Corporation
Mahanagar Palika
Nagar Nigam
Local Body
City Corporation

While check Wikipedia, I got the information that Municipal Corporation are known as different name in different states.  There are different name as because of regional language variations.

We have listed below the different name of Municipal corporation.

Different name of Municipal Corporation in Different States

Municipal Corporation - English
Nagar Nigam - (in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Haryana)
Mahanagarpalika (in Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra)
Pouro Nigom (in West Bengal)
Pur Porishod (in Tripura)
Nagar Palika Nigam (in Madhya Pradesh)
Nagara Palaka Sanstha (in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana)
Nagaratchi (in Tamil Nadu)

I do not know what information you are looking for as you have landed to this page which is titled as Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website.

We are trying to provide information about what details Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam official website can provide to the citizens.

Nagar Nigam in Uttar Pradesh

There are total 14 Nagar Nigam in Uttar Pradesh.   We have listed below the name of Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam or Municipal corporation.

  1. Kanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  2. Lucknow Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  3. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  4. Agra Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  5. Varanasi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  6. Meerut Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  7. Allahabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  8. Bareilly Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  9. Aligarh Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  10. Moradabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  11. Saharanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  12. Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  13. Firozabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
  14. Jhansi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)
Each and every nagar nigam of uttar pradesh is a local body of the said city.   Every municipal corporation works individually and have different parties or few have same party governments.  Every five years there are election held by every municipal corporation through public voting to elect ward wise candidates as civic.   

All the information regarding uttar pradesh nagar nigam chunav schedule and election dates publish on the official website.

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website

The official website of Uttar pradesh municipal corporation stat that individual work and plans of the said city corporation.  All the structure of works and information of voters, voter list, last election information details such as ward wise candidates name, winner candidates, and final election results information can be available on the official website.   The official website also provides information of the current ruling party candidates, local body government, work agenda, mayor information, ward wise candidates who are elected as corporators.    You can also find information about upcoming recruitment 2017-2018 in municipal corporation websites.   

Uttar Pradesh (Nagar Nigam Chunav) Election 2017

The nagar nigam chunav or election is held in 2017 year in Uttar pradesh.   The last election of Uttar pradesh municipal corporation, nagar parishad, nagar palika, nagar nigam was held in 2012 and thus after completion of five years, this year in 2017 election is held in June month 2017.    

The Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website can provide all the election related information in time.   

The local body can upload all the necessary information such as voter list, voting center, municipal corporation vote counting, election final results, nagar nigam chunav candidate list, last election winner candidates, name of the participant parties, name of the nomination candidates and election time table i.e. all the dates of the election is schedule from which date to which and final results will be also available on the official website individually.

The election can be take place to the Nagar nigam of uttar pradesh.  There are 14 municipal corporation we found as per information available on Wikipedia.   

If you are knowing total number of municipal corporation in uttar pradesh, then we request you to provide the actual information which we will update in our website.

  1. Kanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  2. Lucknow Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam)  Election
  3. Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  4. Agra Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  5. Varanasi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  6. Meerut Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  7. Allahabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  8. Bareilly Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  9. Aligarh Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  10. Moradabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  11. Saharanpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  12. Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  13. Firozabad Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
  14. Jhansi Municipal Corporation (Nagar Nigam) Election
All the details about 2017-2018 nagar nigam election can be available on the official websites of the municipal corporation individually.

Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2017-2018

Are you looking for job opportunity in nagar nigam of uttar pradesh?   Are you willing to join nagar nigam or municipal corporation as your career for the posts open for the recruitment jobs then you can visit the official website of municipal corporation individually to know the latest and upcoming jobs recruitments which are going to open for various posts.

All the information about Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Recruitment can be available on the official website where you can read details about job posts title, educational qualification, eligibility, exams centers, question papers, how to apply for the given post, salary and application forms related information can be available on the website.

So, this is all about the details which we have described under this article which is titled as "Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Official Website".   This is all about that you can find on the official websites of nagar nigam and basically local people visit the official website only during the recruitment and election time.

If you have any doubt or want to know more information about Uttar Pradesh Nagar Nigam Election, Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation Recruitment, then you can comment below.

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