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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2019

Looking for new recruitment process in Municipal Corporation of West Bengal to find the best post job for unemployed graduates?   The west bengal municipal corporation recruitment can be held by individual municipal corporation in west bengal.   There are total 13 municipal corporation in state West Bengal.   In this article we have given information about how to apply recruitment process of west bengal Pouro Nigom (in West Bengal municipal corporation is called as Pouro Nigom).   Read the article to know about the West Bengal Municipal Corporation Recruitment 2017-2018.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation

We know that Municipal corporation is an autonomous body or local body government ruling in the city or town area having minimum one million population.   As per this, there are total 13 municipal corporation on pouro nigom are present in the state west bengal.    West Bengal Municipal corporation is a local body working in following given list of the city of the state.

Primary, the functions of the municipal corporation is to provide regular supply of Water purification, Sewage treatment and disposal, Garbage disposal and street cleanliness, Solid waste management
Building and maintenance of roads, streets and flyovers, to provide Street lighting, to Maintain the parks and open spaces, Cemeteries and Crematoriums, Registering of births and deaths, Conservation of heritage sites, Disease control, including immunisation, Public municipal schools etc.

West Bengal Pouro Nigom (Municipal Corp in West Bengal)

We have listed below the 13 names of the municipal corporation or known as pouro nigom in the state west bengal.

  1. Kolkata Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  2. Maheshtala Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  3. Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  4. Dum Dum Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  5. Barrackpore Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  6. Barasat Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  7. Howrah Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  8. Serampore Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  9. Chandannagar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  10. Asansol Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  11. Durgapur Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  12. English Bazar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom
  13. Siliguri Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom

Each and every listed names above are the individual conduct body which have different type of working efficiencies, pattern according to need and facilities are made by the ruling party government which take place after the election.   The election held every five years to the municipal corporation in India and thus every pouro nigom of west bengal also need to conduct separate election to elect the civic or local servants or corporators to serve the city needs through the corporation.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Official Website

Every municipal corporation have their official website owned website or online portal which provides all the working schedules and programs which are arrange by the municipal corporation individually.

All the basic information from the local city is also posted on the official website which mainly includes voter list, name of the corporators, last election final results, upcoming election or by election notifications and results also posted on the official website. 

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Election Results

Do you want to know the information about West Bengal Municipal Corporation previous election final results or are you looking for upcoming election notification which are scheduled in Pashchim Bengal state, then we should say that each and every updates about the municipal corporation election is provided on the official website of the individual.  

You need to visit the official portal of your municipal corporation then go to the election menu where you can find the latest and previous election notifications and final results of the last elections also posted in this section.   Where you can read the informations such as voter list, candidates name, election notification, all the necessary details about elections from start to end notification, election schedules, dates of application, candidates name, nomination of the candidates, party wise candidates names along with the information about ward wise voter list. 

To find the ward wise winning candidate list on the official website portal of pouro nigom, you have to type following keywords in search engine so that you can get the website address of your city municipal corporation.

  1. Kolkata Municipal Corporation Election Final Results
  2. Maheshtala Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  3. Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  4. Dum Dum Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  5. Barrackpore Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  6. Barasat Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  7. Howrah Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  8. Serampore Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  9. Chandannagar Municipal Corporation  Election Final Results
  10. Asansol Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  11. Durgapur Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  12. English Bazar Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results
  13. Siliguri Municipal Corporation / Pouro Nigom  Election Final Results

The official website also post the ward wise election final results after the elections of individual municipal corporations.

West Bengal Municipal Corporation Upcoming Recruitment

I hope you have visited this article while searching the titled keyword of this post which is "West Bengal Municipal Corporation Recruitment"   Are you looking for the upcoming jobs and recruitment process in west bengal municipal corporation?   Are you a graduate but hunting a job in you area?  Then municipal corporation can be a good place for you to make a good career as being a local you may get a good chance in the local recruitment jobs.   You have to find those opportunities of the jobs which open regularly on needs.   All the related information of municipal corporation recruitment is also posted on the official website portal of the individual pouro nigom.

How to know when is the recruitment process is scheduled in your state west bengal?   Well, you have to read the employment news papers or have to hunt the jobs sites or local news papers or find/visit employment exchange of your city where all the relevant details are available along with local jobs and recruitment which are open for various posts.

As soon as you know about the upcoming recruitment jobs, you need to check whether are you eligible for that job?   Also you have to check the necessary details such as recruitment dates, read the recruitment process notification carefully to know all the basics of the recruitment process where you can find the actual process of the recruitment which may includes written exams, interview, ability tests etc.

To check the upcoming recruitment, jobs, vacancies, contract basis jobs, part time jobs, full time private jobs and any type jobs roles in municipal corporation of west bengal you may search the upcoming jobs and recruitments in west bengal.

  • Kolkata Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Maheshtala Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Dum Dum Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Barrackpore Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Barasat Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Howrah Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Serampore Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Chandannagar Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Asansol Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Durgapur Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • English Bazar Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
  • Siliguri Municipal Corporation Recruitment Jobs
So this is all about the basic details we have provided to know about how you can find the upcoming jobs and recruitment in your state west bengal.


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