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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Development Plan Maharashtra Map

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Development Plan: Are you searching for the information about Aurangabad Municipal Corporation and what are its developments then read this article which is specifically written to give you an idea about the Aurangabad municipal corporation’s plans to develop Aurangabad and its fringe areas? Then follow this article to know how the municipal corporation of Aurangabad is created the Development Plan.

About Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Aurangabad is a historical city of Maharashtra state in India and is named after the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The city is a popular destination for tourists and reason of its popularity is historical monuments like Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves which are declared World heritage sites by “United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)”. Also, Bibi Ka Maqbara and Panchakki are other places to visit. Aurangabad is famously known as “The City of Gates”.

Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Development Plan

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New Aurangabad City

New Aurangabad is a planned city and its development program was started by the former Maharashtra assembly member RafiqZakaria who was made the Minister for Urban Development back in 1962. Later the project was inaugurated by the Late Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi by signing the development plan. At the inaugural ceremony, she said that “The plans look very good on paper, let us see how it is implemented”. The responsibility for developing new Aurangabad was given to “City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO)”.

CIDCO started its development plans in the 1970s and due to its relentless efforts, Aurangabad is developed into a modern city. Mrs. Gandhi once visited the project after the implementation was started and also planted a tree at New Aurangabad to make this visit memorable. After that, the tree was nurtured and maintained by CIDCO as a precious treasure. New Aurangabad is the second most successful project to be undertaken by CIDCO after Navi Mumbai.

About CIDCO, Aurangabad

The CIDCO which is a full form of "City and Industrial Development Corporation" in Aurangabad, is an organization which was created by the Government of Maharashtra on 17th March 1970 for the city planning under the Indian Companies Act of 1956. The corporation is controlled by a board of directors appointed by the State Government. The sole purpose of its creation was to develop a satellite town in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The main objectives of the project are to ease traffic congestion in the city, provide open spaces and playing fields for fun activities of the citizens, housing and industrial sites outside the city in order to protect the main city from industrial problems.

As mentioned above that, Aurangabad CIDCO was given all the responsibility to develop the town and also the duty of recovering back the cost of development from the sale of land and constructed houses, commercial plazas, etc. As you know Mumbai is the largest city of India also a financial center so, in order to tackle the problems associated with a large population this project was constructed. In order to attract citizens and immigrants from other states, CIDCO plans to provide better facilities by elevating the standards of living for all people whether they are from lower or higher class, creating industrial zones, and above all these services with peace and comfort.

Aurangabad Planning and Development of New Town

New Aurangabad is divided into 15 localities named as Neighborhood-One (N-1), Neighborhood-Two (N-12) upto (N-15). The project was handed over to Aurangabad Mahanagarpalika After its completion.. In order to complete the idea of rapid industrialization growth a new industrial area was planned near Chikkalthana village named as “Chikalthana Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC)”.

Town Center Connaught is the main district area of the city and it is also a commercial area because there are the major offices of the banks and public sector companies are located here. There are several offices of Central and State Government are also located in Town Center Connaught. The surrounding area of the Town Center has shopping malls and multiplexes like Fame Adlabs, PVR Cinemas, and Satyam Cinemas.

In order to promote tourism major companies like ITC Welcome Group, The Ambassador Ajanta, and The Tata Group Taj Residency have their lavish properties here.

From the education point of view, a couple of trusts like Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College and The Maulana Azad Education Trust have campuses here providing quality education in the fields of Engineering and Medicine.

Some of the stats about the development of New Aurangabad by CIDCO are given below in the table:
New Aurangabad, CIDCO
Appointment of CIDCO as S.P.A.
30th December 1972
Total notified area (Hectares)
Area developed till date (Hectares)
Area yet to be developed (Hectares)

Waluj Aurangabad

After the development of New Aurangabad, a new project has been under construction at Waluj in Aurangabad. It is an industrial combined with residential township project and the responsibility for its development was also given to CIDCO. It is located 12 km southwest of Aurangabad city and the new town is named as Waluj Mahanagar.

The new project is to be constructed on a vast area and it is approximately eight times the size of New Aurangabad. CIDCO planned to use the ring route around the industrial area for urban activities and this ring route will also facilitate an easy and economic transportation within the new city. In order to connect residential areas with workplaces, inter-linked Nagars spread all around the core.

The stats about the development plan of Waluj Mahanagar, Aurangabad are shown in the following table:

WalujMahanagar, Aurangabad
Appointment of CIDCO as S.P.A.
7th October 1991
Total notified area (Hectares)
Area in Phase I (Hectares)
Area developed till date (Hectares)
Area yet to be developed (Hectares)

Aurangabad Fringe Area

Aurangabad Mahanagarpalika area is rapidly growing into a major educational, commercial, as well as industrial center of Marathwada. The population of this region is estimated to be about 12 lakhs at present. To match the pace of rapid urbanization in the fringe areas of this city the Government of Maharashtra appointed CIDCO to develop this area on 3rd October 2006. 

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The total area of this project is approximately 16,397 hectares and spread over 28 villages beyond the limits of Aurangabad Municipal Corporation or Mahanagarpalika. As per the regional plan of Aurangabad fringe area used for the development is about 8918 Ha. 54% of this area is fixed for Greens, 21% for the residential project, 19% area is for forests, about 113 Ha of the area is for industrial purposes and rest of the area is for other zones.

Thanks for reading the article and I hope so you get a lot of information about the developments of New Aurangabad and its surroundings.


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